Cousin Jack's Pasty Company
Eugene's Premier Pasty Company,
Featuring Local & Organically Sourced Ingredients!

Eugene , OR 97402

(541) 686-3211

Cousin Jack's is a Eugene-owned and operated pasty manufacturer and vendor. Pasties are a food with a long history, reaching back over 800 years to the miners in Cornwall, England. The Cornish Pasty assimilated into the gastronomy of many cultures, such as Empenadas in Argentina and Pirozhki in Russia. A handheld meal-in-a-crust, Cousin Jack's pasties are the perfect medium for enjoying the food bounty of the Pacific Northwest. From the Wildcrafted Chanterelle, Morel and Lobster Mushrooms in our Wild Mushroom pasty, to the Grass-Grazed Local Beef and Ninkasi Beer in our Steak & Ale pasty, Cousin Jack's is dedicated to sourcing the best ingredients available.

Cousin Jack's Pasties can be found in the freezer aisle at most Natural Food Grocers in Oregon, at the Lane County Farmers Market in Eugene, and online (See website link in listing above).

Cousin Jack's Pasty Company
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