Lucia-Community LLC
Community ∙ Livability ∙ Sustainability
2749 Friendly Street, Suite E
Eugene, OR 97405

(541) 220-5460

LUCíA en­hances a strong sense of community by bringing together small shops, a restaurant, work spaces, out­door patios, beautiful modern townhouses, and communal gardens, creating a vibrant community hub.

Rooted in a modern aesthetic that incorporates the materials and warmth associated with Northwest architecture, these townhouses have creatively articulated floor plans that allow for “big living” in relatively small spaces.

Our vision for a future of sustainability takes shape through the use of recycled, renewable, and low-maintenance materials, super-insu­lated building envelopes, and excellent acoustic separation between homes.

Efficient windows are carefully sized to ensure plentiful daylight, ventilation, bright and healthful spaces. The main living area is flooded with light from both ends, and every house has a sky-terrace and a view of the communal garden.

Lucia-Community LLC
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