Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center
A clear, easy path to self-mastery awaits you
175 East 31st Avenue
Eugene, OR 97405

(541) 343-5252

For 75 years the Brahma Kumaris have been working to introduce reflection and calm into everyday life—helping individuals feel more contented with the simple things in life, accessing inner wisdom to resolve conflicts, and using personal skills and talents to serve our communities.

As a spiritual organization our main aim is to help people experience greater well-being through inner peace and higher values such as living with simplicity, learning continuously and sharing generously. Learning to enter into a natural state of calm on a daily basis helps us to think more deeply, feel greater empathy and live out our values in more authentic ways -- improving our well-being, our relationships with each other and our relationship with nature.

Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center
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