GloryBee Foods
Natural & Organic Ingredients
29548 - B Airport Rd
Eugene, OR 97402

(541) 689-0913

GloryBee Foods is committed to educating, engaging, and empowering their employees on sustainable practices to make a difference in both the local and global community. We practice the 3 “P”s (People, Planet & Profit) as a way of doing business. By caring about the people we hire, who we order product from, and about the growers that produce our products, we strive to ensure our sustainability goals. Through teamwork, training, and dedication, we make sustainability a part of daily business practices. Our company goal is to achieve zero waste.  Our trucks use biodiesel fuel and we run full-load as much as possible. Composting, reusing, and recycling are infused into our daily operations as we work towards providing our customers the highest quality products and service we can.

GloryBee Foods
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