Hummingbird Wholesale
Your Local Source for Organic Foods
150 Shelton McMurphey Blvd
Eugene, OR 97401

(541) 686-0921

Hummingbird Wholesale is a bulk food distributor located in Eugene, Oregon, offering organic, local and regional food crops to wholesale customers from Seattle to San Francisco.  Our company is known for our Zero Waste practices, commitment to sustainability, and stellar customer service.   

Some of our most notable Zero Waste practices include delivery via bicycle for local customers (see website for our bike video); an extensive waste management system that diverts as much as possible from the landfill to re-use; recycling or compost; and a deposit container program for all of the liquids they pack and distribute. Their containers are washed and re-used, greatly reducing the need for containers made of recycled and virgin materials, thereby saving energy and precious resources.  

Hummingbird Wholesale
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