Leia Hart, MS
Shamanic and Energy Healing & Workshops
for Children, Adults, Couples & Animals

Eugene, OR 97405

(541) 844-2805


Leia Hart, MS is a counselor, healer, and teacher of energy medicine and cross-cultural shamanism in Eugene, Oregon. She has been in the Transformational Healing Arts since the 1980's, and has studied many modalities and healing energy systems creating a synthesis of ancient esoteric knowledge and vibrational spiritual medicine. Her calling is to work in partnership with the Helping Beings, to assist the living, those in transition, and those who have crossed over.

Leia offers shamanic healing for children, adults, couples and companion animals, integrating ancient teachings for the 21st Century.  

In an environment of safety and loving support, she is able to guide you through your powerful healing journey as a catalyst for transformation and a thriving vibrant life! 

For more detailed information about trainings and healing services please  visit my website (link above).

Leia Hart, MS
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